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During our staff meeting on Monday night, Junior School staff shared in a professional learning session with Tyson Greenwood, the Director of URStrong Schools. St Peter’s College has been a URStrong School since 2019 and our focus this year is to re-ignite the program across our School, supporting the development and growth of relationships in our community.

The URStrong program fosters emotional intelligence and resilience among students, with a focus on empowering children with the tools to navigate social and emotional challenges effectively. At the heart of URStrong is the understanding that children benefit immensely from developing emotional literacy. At St Peter’s College we want to provide a safe and structured environment where the open expression of feelings is encouraged and students can explore and articulate their emotions.

In our Junior School all classes have two lessons each week with an explicit focus on positive psychology theory. During these lessons the URStrong program will provide age-specific activities and discussions to explore experiences and challenges faced in relationships. Through interactive sessions, students will learn to recognize and manage their emotions, promoting a healthier understanding of themselves and their peers. By embracing this program, St Peter’s College can empower our students to face the challenges of relationships with resilience, empathy, and a deeper understanding of themselves and others.

URStrong provides a free membership for parents, allowing families to be able to learn, share and discuss the strategies used to develop and support relationships. This membership can be accessed through this link.

Additionally St Peter’s College has access for parents to the SchoolTV resource which provides support across a number of topics focusing on wellbeing theory and practice. Parents can access this site through a tile on Keystone or at the following link.

Ben Storer
Deputy Head of Junior School – Wellbeing and Administration