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The past fortnight has been a very special time at our School. In fact, in my time at St Peter’s College I would say that it would be up there with some of my favourite moments. This time has been filled with celebrations, goodbyes, moments of gratitude and many heart warming smiles. The theme that has resonated with me over the past fortnight has been ‘stories’. This was mentioned during a number of speeches at end of year events and also during the Year 6 Migration Showcase.

An aspect of the Year 6 Migration task was to research the migration story of a person or people who have migrated to Australia at a time in history. I was filled with heartfelt emotions when many of the boys shared with pride the stories of a family member, some of whom they were discovering for the first time. This was such a wonderful connection to family and the sharing of stories.

An important part of our education at St Peter’s College is that we acknowledge that we are working and learning on Kaurna Land and the sharing of stories is such an important aspect of Aboriginal culture, the oldest living culture in the world. This connection is such an inspirational aspect for our community and the sharing of the many stories that make up our community.

Our School Captain, Andrew Lucas, shared his story of his time in the Junior School at St Peter’s College and he challenged all students to take advantage of the many opportunities that they have to write their own story while at Saints. What a great challenge for each student to have in the coming years!

This mention of stories took me back to my own time at school and I fondly remember many aspects of the journey. Like many of the stories written in 2022, it was a roller coaster ride and there were many different emotions across this time. I laugh when I think of my friends nicknaming me Ben ‘Story Teller’ Storer, which I am sure was due to the many great anecdotes I would share with them. For me though it was the relationships that I developed across this time that has shaped me as a person and it is the story that I shared with these friends that keeps a strong bond even now after many years.

My hope for all of our students as 2022 ends is that there is time to reflect on the story that has been written this year. The highs, the lows, the growth and their own relationships that have helped to write a positive story this year and that 2023 brings joy and happiness.

Ben Storer
Deputy Head of Junior School – Wellbeing and Administration