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On Thursday we acknowledged R U Ok! Day across our Junior School. Each year this day is a reminder of the importance of connection with each other across our community. In classrooms, students enjoyed a variety of activities ranging from writing gratitude letters to sharing positive affirmations and staff were encouraged to gather at break time and enjoy a chance to catch up and chat with a colleague. But we must ensure that these discussions and connections continue constantly throughout our community.

Our Visible Wellbeing framework has relationships as one of its six SEARCH pathways. This term the Junior School has been focusing on building positive relationships using strategies from the URStrong program. It was wonderful to visit the students in Reception W this week and see their Friend-o-meters on their desks.

Often I have conversations with parents and family members in our community discussing how we can encourage our students to be open and let us know when things are not ok. Recently I have written about encouraging help seeking behaviours, which are so important when our lives are being impacted in a negative way by a person or an experience. Statistically, young men are the least likely to share with others if things are challenging, so what can we do to open genuine and authentic discussions?

Our student diaries have a section to add three good things that have occurred throughout each day. This is a great way to open up conversations. The good things that are shared in the diary can lead to a discussion around people who have impacted the event in a positive way and also goals or aims that they might have for the future.

A reminder that we do have a school subscription to School TV which is an important wellbeing resource for parents. There are a range of articles about a wide variety of issues to provide help and support when assisting your child to navigate some of their challenges.

Mr Ben Storer
Deputy Head of Junior School – Wellbeing and Administration