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As the school year draws to a close, we find ourselves reflecting on the incredible journey we’ve undertaken together. The graduation and speech day events this week provided the opportunity for the community to celebrate the collective triumphs, growth, and joy that have defined the academic year at St Peter’s College. From academic growth to artistic prowess, athletic accomplishments to acts of kindness, each success contributes to our exceptional school community.

Our students have demonstrated resilience, determination, and a thirst for knowledge that truly embodies the spirit of our school. The dedication of our teachers and the hard work of our students have resulted in another year of academic growth. From mastering new concepts to exploring the wonders of literature, science, and mathematics, our students have showcased the character strengths of curiosity and a love of learning.

At St Peter’s College we focus on nurturing well-rounded individuals with strong character and values. Our boys have actively participated in character-building programs, community service initiatives, and collaborative projects that instil in them the importance of empathy, integrity and compassion. These experiences contribute to the development of responsible citizens and future leaders.

As a very successful school year comes to an end, we express our deepest gratitude to the entire community. The collaborative efforts of parents, teachers, staff, and, most importantly, our students, have been instrumental in creating a positive and thriving learning environment. Wishing everyone a joyful and rejuvenating summer break, filled with laughter, exploration, and well-deserved relaxation.

Mr Ben Storer
Deputy Head of Junior School – Wellbeing and Administration