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As Term 2 draws to a close it is an important time to reflect on the growth of our community. Importantly, at this time, I like to reflect on the wellbeing of our community and our connections to the SEARCH pathways of our Visible Wellbeing Framework. Reflecting on questions like ‘What character strengths have I displayed across this term?’; ‘When was a time I displayed some positive emotions?’; ‘Did I reach my goals that I set earlier in the year?’; ‘What positive relationships have I developed?’. This final question is one I would like to focus on this week.

Earlier this week the Junior School staff gathered for our regular staff meeting time. The focus of this time was wellbeing and in particular relationships. I feel so privileged to work with our community and share the positive relationships that are developed across our School. Relationships across our classrooms, the school yard, sports fields, music performances and beyond which enhance the wellbeing of our community. The task given to our staff this week was to set a wellbeing goal centered around the Relationships Pathway and identify activities that can support the staff and students reaching these goals. In developing these goals an important step was then understanding what the success criteria would be that would inform progress and success. The conversations were full of zest and I have watched excitedly as these activities have begun over the Junior School this week.

My challenge for you as we head toward the term break… can you set a wellbeing goal as a family for this holiday break that will develop and enhance the relationships across your family? What will the wellbeing activity or activities be that will support you reaching this goal? What will the success criteria be? I would love for you to share these with me either by dropping into school to chat about them or please feel free to email through your family goals and activities. Some examples of activities could be sharing board or card games, regular meal times together, less technology time and more face to face interactions, visiting extended family, getting out in the garden together. The opportunities for activities are endless and I hope that you all enjoy working toward your relationship goal.

Ben Storer
Deputy Head of Junior School – Wellbeing and Administration