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I would like to thank the many parents who have discussed the articles around school transitions that I highlighted in the Week 2 edition of What’s Happening at Saints. It has been heart-warming to hear about the discussions around strategies parents and staff have been using to support the students with the transitions that have been occurring to start the year.

‘Raising Boys’ has been a popular topic in the SchoolTV resource that we are trialing in 2022. I remember, when my son was born, I was given the Steve Biddulph book “Raising Boys”. From there I also bought Dr Arne Rubenstein’s book “The Making of Men”. Both are outstanding reads and pose some important questions around how to support boys to navigate the many challenges that they will face.

I enjoy listening to Mr Tim Browning speak at our Open Mornings about connecting our School Prayer to our focus on the development of students at St Peter’s College. The prayer focuses on finding a balance of strength and love. Staff in the Junior School have been discussing many aspects of being proactive in our support of the students. Our learning spaces are wonderful examples of this; we have spaces that allow students movement breaks and visuals, reminding them of learning and displaying their achievements and goals. Our learning, co-curricular and music programs also provide opportunities for our students to involve themselves in diverse experiences.

It is important to nurture the strengths and abilities of all our students; to teach them the skills they need for their future, to develop a healthy and respectful identity as they grow.

Click here to view the ‘Raising Boys’ article on SchoolTV.

I look forward to continuing the wonderful discussions around the wellbeing learning in our community.

Ben Storer
Deputy Head of Junior School – Wellbeing and Administration