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It was my privilege to attend the Year 6 camp to Kangaroo Island this week. This experience for our students and staff is a wonderful connection to our Wellbeing programs at St Peter’s College. It provides the opportunity to put into practice the positive psychology theory around character strengths that we discuss during Wellbeing lessons at school.

On day 1 I saw the group climbing the 400 steps up Prospect Hill putting some boys out of their comfort zone. But to then witness the group chanting and cheering for each boy as they reached the top, displaying perseverance and resilience, was awesome to see.

Sleeping in a tent away from the comforts of home can prove to be a challenge for many. Hearing the boys encourage each other and connect over being away from home showed great teamwork and social intelligence. A true reflection of the healthy relationships discussed in the URStrong program. Boys who spent 5 days going out of their way to help each other created a special connection.

Remarkable Rocks is a natural wonder of Kangaroo Island and to hear the boys show their appreciation of the beauty of this location. The boys walked and climbed through this space, speaking with excitement of true awe and wonder.

Beach walks, rock pooling, eating bush tucker and fishing brought forward the boys’ curiosity of this amazing part of South Australia.

We spend a lot of time throughout the Junior School discussing character strengths and encouraging all members of our community to spot character strengths in others. I have found my own top character strengths change as I have experienced many different life events. Camp is certainly one which has helped our Year 6 boys to build on different character strengths.

I would like to show my gratitude to the St Peter’s College Outdoor Education staff, class teachers and support staff and to the boys for this experience.

Ben Storer
Deputy Head of Junior School – Wellbeing and Administration