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It was wonderful to see our Junior sports teams take to the fields and courts last week to start our 2024 season. Our sport and athletic development programs and our wellbeing programs are closely connected and are significant for the development of our students. There are many different ways to measure the success of these programs and this creates robust discussion across all Junior sport communities. We all play a pivotal role in shaping not just athletes but well-rounded individuals. Our Visible Wellbeing Framework provides a holistic approach to nurturing the growth and development of all students.

Developed by Dr Lea Waters, this program emphasizes positive psychology practices that extend beyond physical prowess to encompass mental and emotional wellbeing. By integrating aspects of resilience, mindfulness, and positive coaching, the Visible Wellbeing Framework creates an environment where junior sportsmen can thrive both on and off the playing field.

Parents, coaches and team managers can actively support this process by encouraging positive coaching techniques that focus on effort, improvement and teamwork. Introducing mindfulness practices to young athletes helps manage stress and fosters enhanced concentration during competitions.

The Visible Wellbeing Framework not only enhances athletic performance but also equips students with invaluable life skills. As a school community, embracing this program ensures that our children not only excel in sports but also grow into resilient, mindful individuals ready to face life’s challenges with confidence.

St Peter’s College has access for parents to the SchoolTV resource which provides support across a number of topics focussing on wellbeing theory and practice. Parents can access this site through a tile on Keystone or at this link.

Ben Storer
Deputy Head of Junior School – Wellbeing and Administration