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For the Junior School, Week 7 was filled with exciting activities aimed at raising awareness and demonstrating our commitment to wellbeing as a school community.

On Wednesday 12 June, students participated in fun lunchtime activities organised by the SRC. These activities included ‘Fun Footy,’ ‘Super Soccer,’ ‘Speed Drawing,’ ‘King of the Court,’ ‘Staff vs. Students Basketball Shootout,’ and many more. It was amazing to see and feel our school grounds buzzing with enthusiasm and energy as students engaged in these activities. They even had the chance to compete against School Captain James, Co-Captain Ryan, and some Year 11 students.

On Thursday 13 June, we had a special free-dress day with the theme ‘Colour Your Threads.’ The vibrant display of colours was truly amazing! We also had a gold coin donation for this day, and I am proud to share that we raised over $400. The money raised will assist disadvantaged communities in accessing wellbeing resources through the Positive Education Schools Association (PESA).

We finished the week with ‘Biscuits and Buddies.’ This was a chance for boys across the Junior School to build positive relationships with students in various year levels, and of course, enjoy a delicious biscuit while doing so.

The goal of Wellbeing Week is to promote engagement, relationships, and a sense of meaning within our School community. We are incredibly fortunate to have access to so many brilliant resources that help us thrive and flourish individually. We hope this week has created awareness around the importance of wellbeing, building positive connections with each other, being active, doing acts of service, and contributing to something greater than ourselves.

I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the Junior School SRC students for their dedication and leadership. Your time in attending meetings, planning activities, and of course, decorating over 650 biscuits did not go unnoticed.

Samantha Cummings
Coordinator of SRC – Junior School