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SA para rower and old scholar Will Smith (FLL ’17) was a strong chance to make his Paralympics debut in Tokyo this August, before the Games were postponed due to COVID-19 concerns.

Despite the setback, Will remains positive and focused, returning home to Cunningham on the York Peninsula to continue his training.

Will, whose albinism affects his close-range vision and makes his eyes sensitive to light, is maintaining a base level of fitness on his parent’s farm in preparation for next year’s games.

At 194cm and 98kg, Will was a promising runner before moving to Saints in Year 9 where he began in the rowing program.

“Going through School I was never really looked at as a para athlete. That’s played a huge role for me in the sense that I’ve always needed to aim much higher. It’s a beneficial mindset.”

His relocation came as Will was set to book his Paralympics berth at the national championships to become the first vision-impaired rower on record in the King’s Cup’s 142 history.

“It took a lot of decompression because there was a huge build up…now it’s just a test of how well everyone can adapt to the change and keep moving forward.”

Congratulations Will on a fantastic attitude and commitment to performance.