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A few short weeks ago, on one of the sunniest and most beautiful mornings, the Year 2 students discovered a strange creature sleeping in the grounds of Toad Hall (Athelney House). After carefully waking the creature, so as not to disturb or frighten him, the creature introduced himself as Mr Badger.

Mr Badger proceeded to tell us about his friends who live in the area, namely Mr Toad, Ratty and Mole, and their adventures around Toad Hall and the Wild Wood.

His friends are very interesting characters, especially enthusiastic Mr Toad who always seems to be exploring new crazes and getting them all into all sorts of trouble. Mr Toad’s crazes include rowing in his new rowboat with very little stability, exploring the countryside with his new canary yellow gypsy caravan and most recently his fixation on motorcars. Mr Toad is currently the owner of quite a collection of bright, shiny motorcars that have all been in various accidents and includes one that was stolen from the carpark of an inn he visited for luncheon. Luckily Mr Badger, who is an incredible story teller, along with his other friends, always manages to save Mr Toad from his latest predicament.

Our adventure concluded with a picnic in front of Toad Hall…quite majestic don’t you think?

Comments from some of our Year 2 students:

Fred – It was fun because he acted out the story and didn’t just read it.

Thomas – I really liked it because I have never seen the play before and it was really interesting. I didn’t realise that rats could live underwater.

Jack – It was good because I never knew that water rats were a real animal. Mr Badger was funny with the stories he told us.

Leo – It was nice to watch a play of Wind in the Willows and I liked that Badger had to tell Toad what to do. It was quite funny when Toad tricked water rat to sneak out of the house.

Thank you to Chris John from Splash Theatre for his portrayal of Mr Badger and for bringing the 110 year old story of The Wind in the Willows alive for these boys in such a striking setting.

Sue Dansie