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Over the past two weeks, the Winter Intercol has created a great sense of anticipation and excitement amongst students, staff and the wider School community. Please find following all the results and highlights from the fixtures.

After a highly successful season, the Saints First XI Soccer Team went in with great hope of winning back the Soccer Intercol trophy from PAC. It was PAC who took control early in the game, scoring the first goal.  Our boys fought back however, with Isaac Burnett (Year 12) scoring a goal for Saints. With the score still tied at 1:1, PAC retained the Intercol trophy for 2018.

The First XI Soccer Team should be extremely proud of their tenacity and endeavour during the game off the back of winning the SAAS competition and the prestigious ICB Cup.

Well done to Captain, Tom McClure (Year 12), Coach Mr Paul Vanis, Assistant Coach Mr Terry Vanis, Manager Mr Laurie Humphreys and Teacher-in-Charge, Mr Matthew French.

Table Tennis
Day two of the fixtures saw a resounding win for the Saints First VIII Table Tennis Team. After an unbeaten season, the Saints Table Tennis Team played with great skill and tactics to win the Intercol 13-2. Of the eight Table Tennis Intercols to date, Saints have been the victors seven times!

Huge congratulations to the First VIII Table Tennis and also to Ms Irene Castrechini-Sutton, Teacher-in-Charge of Table Tennis.

Rugby Intercol – Wednesday 22 August
The scene was set for a great match on the Saints Main Oval. PAC began the game well and got over their line to score early with our boys looking a little tentative. As the first half of the match progressed however, the Saints team settled down and scored two tries taking a 10-5 lead at half time.

The PAC team came back from half time re-energised. Saints fought it out right to the end but unfortunately could not make up the gap, with a final score of 29-20.

Congratulations to Captain James Rees (Year 12), Coach Mr Tony Begley and Teacher-in-charge of Rugby and Ms Lauren Brenton, Manager.

The Saints Hockey Team had a big challenge against PAC, who had dominated the entire season, winning the SSSSA State Championships and having not one goal scored against them in the SAAS competition.

It would be fair to say that PAC controlled the ball for the first half, leading at half time 3-0. The second half of the game was more evenly matched with Saints controlling much of the half. Despite our boys’ efforts, the final score was 4-0.

A great effort by the Saints Team; Paxton Silby (Year 12) who was unfortunately sidelined due to injury, led by example, goalkeeper Willem Daniel (Year 12) continued to repel PAC shots from the goal and Euan MacLachlan (Year 12) and some of the younger boys, including Ben Wright (Year 10) worked really hard to set up some opportunities.

Well done to Coach Mr Harry Johns and Mr Garry Grosvenor, Teacher-in-Charge of Hockey.

Everyone was loud and proud as the game began, now knowing that the game would be decided in the final seconds. PAC yet again showed their dominance early in the game with a 7-0 lead early in the first quarter. Saints then began to control the ball up and down the court and at half time the score was tied at 20 all. With only 1.4 seconds left on the time clock, and Saints infront, PAC were awarded two free throws. The first shot hit the ring and fell to the side, but the second shot went straight in to tie the game. With three minutes of overtime, PAC came over the top to win the game.

It was a great spectator game and one that all the boys should feel proud of. The PAC boys were physically bigger and stronger. Saints players William Bryson (Year 12) and Cameron Huefner (Year 11) showed their athleticism and skill and began to work with runners David Quan (Year 12), David Daniel (Year 12) and Captain Julian Hallworth (Year 12). Domenico Perrotta (Year 12) also showed his athleticism by biting at the heels of his bigger opponents.

Well done to Basketball Captain, Julian Hallworth (Year 12), Teacher-in-charge Mr Hamish McTernan, Director of Basketball, Mr Todd Matthews, Coach CJ Reed and Mr Andrew Gibbons, Assistant Coach.

AFL Football
The First XVIII Football fixture, lead by Captain Dylan Stephens, was always going to be a tough assignment, beating PAC on their own turf!

The PAC team were physically bigger and throughout the game took more risks and ran hard forward at every opportunity and this is reflected in the final score of PAC 19-12 v 7-7.

Saints worked hard throughout the game and in the first and last quarters showed similar level of skill. We were let down by our play in the second and third quarters.

Well done to Captain Dylan Stephens (Year 12), Coach Mr Darren Trevena, Assistant Coach Mr Ian White, Mr Jake O’Connell as Fitness Coach and Mr Michael Bolton as Runner and Fitness Coach. Also a big thank you to Medical Staff, Mr Rory Montgomery and Mr James Pyke who worked through injuries with the boys on a weekly basis. Thank you also to Mr Peter Warnes, Teacher-in-charge of Football, for pulling together the program in an efficient manner.

The Saints Debating Team felt confident going into the 28th Debating Intercol. The topic for the debate was “When the technology exists, designer babies should be illegal”. After a well contested debate, the Saints team emerged victorious with a unanimous decision of three points from the adjudicators. Special mention to Shiva Mukerjee (Year 10) who was adjudicate the best speaker award. The win is Saints’ 14th in a row, and 22nd win overall.

Congratulations to Captain Connor Kitching (Year 12), Ms Christine Iadanza and Ms Margaret Reid as Teachers-in-charge of Debating for their work with the program.

There were some great displays of concentration and skill at the Chess Intercol. Chatula Kiripitige (Year 9) battled it out against PAC’s number one player with the game ending in a draw. Thomas Jose (Year 10) also battled it out to win his game which was a real highlight for the Saints Team.

As the two hour mark came and went, it was clear that the Intercol Chess Trophy would once again go to PAC.  Congratulations to all of the boys who participated, Punala Kiripitge who coached our team and also to Mr James Carter, our Teacher-in-charge of Chess.

Special Mentions
Once again, congratulations to all teams who fought hard during every fixture and to all coaches, staff, parents and the wider School community for your support.

A huge shout out to all the Grounds and Maintenance Staff for their expertise and hard work during the Intercol fixtures. Thank you also to Headmaster, Mr Tim Browning, and Deputy Headmaster, Mr Hanisch for their support in what is an extremely busy two week period.

The efforts of our boys, and their behaviour was overall very good and their support for each other was excellent. Special mention to School Captain, Indran Mukherjee, School Vice Captain, Sebastian Cardone and the Year 12 Prefects who should be congratulated on their maturity and support during these events.

Mr Grant Wyman
Director of Sport & Athletic Development