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Over the past two weeks, the Winter Intercol has created a great sense of anticipation and excitement amongst students, staff and the wider School community. Please see the results below.

It was PAC who took control early in the game, scoring the first goal. Our boys fought back however, scoring the next two goals with Saints winning 2:1, and winning the Intercol trophy for 2019.

Table Tennis
A skilful victory to take out the Table Tennis 13-7

Rugby Intercol
A hard fought and contested game saw PAC win the Rugby Intercol, winning 24-10.

It didn’t quite go our way, but our Hockey team fought right to the end, going down to PAC 11-0.

PAC ended up being too strong, winning the Basketball 40-20.

AFL Football
A close and hard contested game all day, but we couldn’t quite get over the line, going down to PAC 6.12.48 to Saints 4.7.31

It was a stirring performance to win the Debating Intercol debating the topic, “Students should be encouraged to consider a trade rather than university.” After 90 minutes in the prep room to prepare the case, the team was impressive by the turnout of blue and white blazers forming a guard of honour for the team to walk through. Captain Oliver Cobain (Year 12) opened strongly, followed by a polished speech by second speaker Ollie Kleinig (Year 11) and finally Shiva Mukherjee (Year 11) finished it off in his usual style leaving PAC’s final speaker with a very difficult task. In the end, the team was awarded the debate on a split decision, with Shiva being awarded best speaker.

PAC won the Chess Intercol 13-7