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At 11 am on Friday 9 September this year, 10 Woodcock House students embarked on a 24-Hour Rowing Challenge to raise money for men’s mental health.

Being an all-boys school, men’s mental health is an important area and over the past few years, with help from the School Captains and Prefects, SPSC’s attitude and culture around the topic has grown to support all boys that may struggle with their mental health at times. During the 24 hours all boys made connections and friendships with peers from different year groups, making the overall experience more joyful and ultimately the time a little easier.

With all boys rowing at least two hours within the 24 hours, there were great demonstrations of perseverance and humility. To highlight and example, Year 8 boy Ethan Herbert giving it all to finish off the event.

Through hard work, Ethan Herbert, Oliver Sils (Year 8), Charlie Moule-Hooworth (Year 9), Lachie Escort Hughes (Year 9), George Wicks (10), Joseph Jureidini (Year 10), Murphy Eaton (Year 11), Will Osborn (Year 11), Fraser Connel (Year 12) and Jake Nesbitt (Year 12) rowed 330.114 km and raised over $6,000.

With the intent to make this a yearly fundraiser within the Woodcock House, the bar has been set for next year!

William J Osborn (Year 11)