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Blood cancer takes the lives of 16 Australians everyday day. Think about that for a minute. That’s nearly a whole classroom. Gone. Each day. There are also 140,000 families facing blood cancer right now. These people go through enduring pain, endless months of surgeries and rigorous therapies, such as chemotherapy. These people do not get a choice. But we do.

The World’s Greatest Shave is a fundraiser event that raises awareness and funds in support of the Leukemia Foundation. It involves shaving a full head of hair and makes a statement that people with cancer do not have to fight alone. The prefects and some special guests will be having their heads shaved on Wednesday Week 9 (next week), in order to support this wonderful foundation. Any donations would be greatly appreciated, going towards our goal of $15,000. Remember, the person who raises the most goes fully bald!

A BBQ will be run by Farr house, and live music will be playing throughout the event. A sausage is $2, a drink is $2 and 2 sausages and a drink are $5. I hope to see you all donating and supporting this worthy cause. Thankyou

To donate please click here.

Bailey Kerr (Year 12)
Farr House Captain