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Our HASS unit this term has focused on our families and the different ways we celebrate significant events and milestones within our family and cultural groups. We have been incredibly fortunate to have welcomed many parents and grandparents into our classrooms to share stories about their lives growing up in different countries and the customs that continue to play an important role in their lives today.

We made amazing Greek pastries and learnt the sousta dance when we focused on Greece. We made and ate delicious pasta and practised some Italian words and phrases. We learnt about the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, its history and how it is celebrated in China and around the world. We enjoyed moon cakes and decorated our own stunning lanterns. We heard about the life of a grandfather growing up in India and his time in the Indian Army. When learning about Pakistan we made meetha paratha, a type of bread cooked in butter and filled with sugar. Our Iranian family shared the importance of the Nowruz Festival and how they celebrate with family and friends. It is an important time for them that signifies new beginnings.

These learning opportunities reflect our School’s rich tapestry of cultures from around the world, where we respect each other and celebrate our own and each other’s cultures.

Thank you to those families who have so generously contributed to these sessions. It has been a highlight of Year 1 and an absolute pleasure to have you join us.

Joanna Tierney
Year 1 Coordinator