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On Friday 7 September, twelves boys from the Year 10 Chinese class went on an excursion to the Adelaide Central Markets to examine the markets from a Chinese tourists point of view.

Adelaide’s Central Market is one of Australia’s largest markets boasting a wide variety of multi-cultural produce. Our task was to see how the Adelaide Central Market caters for Chinese tourists’ needs.

First stop for the day however was lunch! We were treated to a Chinese banquet at Star House where we experienced yum cha. There were over fifteen dishes, including some true Chinese delicacies that many of the students hadn’t tried before, such as durian pastry, chicken feet, ox tripe and even jellyfish!

After lunch, we explored the Adelaide Central Markets and followed the task assigned for the upcoming assessment. Before we went on the excursion, we had completed online research about what Chinese tourists like to buy in Australia and had some ideas of the five must-visit shops.

We downloaded an online market map which we translated to a bilingual map. Our tasks were; 1) to ensure the map containing the location of each stall was correct; 2) to interact with the store owners or shop assistants to find out what Chinese customers like to buy and determine if they matched our research and; 3) to find the best travel routes for the three categories listed on the map.

Overall, we experienced and gained a great insight into the Chinese culture during the excursion and at the same time, enjoyed ourselves whilst exploring the market.

Kuren Vu (Year 10)