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The power of the theatre was on display during this semester’s senior production of Hamlet. Prince Hamlet believes in the power of drama; it is he who tells us that “the play’s the thing” to catch the conscience of the King. There was no castle to be seen in the Drama Centre, instead the actors performed on a stage of red soil, in front of a wedding table and its white, wooden chairs. During our term’s preparation, the Year 12 students never blenched when faced with considerable challenges and demands that would have tested professional actors.

Shant Becker (Year 12) played the melancholy university student who must confront the evil of his uncle and mother. Kush Goyal (Year 12) was his close companion, Horatio. Tom Spiby (Year 12) portrayed the “adulterate beast” and murderer, King Claudius. Henry Allen (Year 12) was both Hamlet’s mother, Gertrude, and lover, Ophelia. Polonius and Laertes, father and son, were portrayed by William Trotman-Dickenson (Year 12). Finally, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern were brought to life by William Langley (Year 12) and Kijana Kamau (Year 12). Our version of Shakespeare’s tragedy proved to be a demanding and unrelenting master, and yet all obstacles were conquered and summits were reached.

Every young actor created memorable performances that audiences will not easily forget.

Paul Fabbro
Head of Drama