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The Cold War years were revisited when this year’s Senior Production, John Hodge’s Collaborators, took place in the Drama Centre over four nights from Tuesday 7 – Friday 10 August.

This play tells of Stalin’s manipulation and control of Soviet playwright, Mikhail Bulgakov. Hodge’s surreal retelling of history shows us how an artist compromises his integrity and then face the consequences of his actions. Year 12 drama students were ably supported by a Year 11 ensemble.

Special mention to outstanding performances by the following students and for the portrayal of their characters:

  • Lachlan Winter (Year 12), Stalin
  • Connor Kitching (Year 12), Bulgakov
  • Christian Mason (Year 12), Vladimir
  • Julian Hallworth (Year 12), Yelena
  • Alexander Bampton (Year 12), Sergei
  • Lachlan Painter (Year 12), Stepan
  • Henry Allen (Year 11), Grigory

Mr Paul Fabbro