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On Thursday 13 August from 4.00 pm – 6.00 pm, Year 12 Geography students were fortunate enough to attend the Year 12 Geography Night delivered by the University of Adelaide and GTASA via Zoom. The Geography Night commenced with a presentation by Dr Jennifer Bonham who discussed the changing nature of cities. Various university students then shared their experiences of studying geography at the University of Adelaide. It was interesting to hear about the diverse fieldwork activities that the university students passionately undertook, fully immersing themselves in our natural environment. These presentations were followed by an interactive lecture from Associate Professor John Tibby, who explained the concept of the Anthropocene (a novel geological time period defined by human manipulation of the environment) and the importance of environmental protection. Throughout the night, short quizzes were held to test our geographical knowledge and reinforce what we had learnt.

All of the presentations throughout the night were eye-opening and gave us a deeper insight into the fine balance between humanity’s needs and the environment’s health. I highly recommend the Year 12 Geography Night to anyone interested in our planet’s future.

Kylie Flanagan
Teacher – Senior School