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It was an exciting week in 1R as School leaders visited to participate in the STEM program. STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) is an integrated approach to learning that helps students gain and apply knowledge and deepen their understanding of critical thinking skills. Senior School leaders were invited to participate in a STEM challenge with Reception students.

Mr Tim Browning, Mr Ben Hanisch, Mr David Hine, Mr David Scott, Mr David Kolpak and Mrs Sheryle Yorston all participated, captaining their own teams. Their task was to make the tallest autumn tree that could stand on its own weight using only straws, cups and paper. It was an exciting and electric atmosphere as guests brought out their competitive streak with ideas flying around the room.

It was a challenging task for everyone and the healthy competitive nature of the challenge was loved by everyone. The teams worked solidly for 30 minutes to build their designs with Mr Tim Browning and Mr Ben Hanisch’s team working right until the final minute.

It was an extremely close competition and with some fantastic designs. The winning team was the blue team captained by Mr Tim Browning with students Tom Wallett, Steven Passaris and Andrew Dahdah. Thank you to all our visitors and their efforts in the STEM competition.

We hope to have another challenge towards the end of the year.

Emily Rogers
Junior School Teacher
Year Level Coordinator 1 & 2