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The Year 1 students went recently went on a wonderful excursion to the Botanical Gardens. Upon arrival we were escorted long the discovery trail with Botanic Gardens Tour Guide, Trent Hill and learnt all about Australian native plants.

We looked at many different bushes and trees that indigenous people have used over hundreds of years. It was fascinating to see a huge river red gum tree, referred to as the supermarket tree! The Kaurna people of the Adelaide plains used this tree as a one stop shop. From the gum they could make canoes, bowls, kitchen tools, weapons, crafts, medicine and catch animals such as possums for meat, fur and weapons.

We even learnt how to get honey from bees without being stung!

Further along our trail we made fire with sticks from the yacca bush. It was brilliant to see how clever the Kaurna people are at using plants. We learnt that it is extremely important to respect our native plants. We are now going to plant some native plants in our Indigenous plot in the Junior Primary playground.

Emily Rogers
Junior School Teacher
Year Level Coordinator 1 & 2