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As the Friday of Week 1, Term 4 approached, curiosity filled the Year 2 classrooms as the boys eagerly anticipated for the Year 2 Sleepover.

‘How big is the White Fox?’
‘Will we find the White Fox?’
Have you ever seen the White Fox?’
‘Is the White Fox really Mr. Hine dressed up in a costume?’

Students maintained their level of enthusiasm as they arrived back to their classroom at 5:30pm on Friday evening, setting up their beds before playing games on Palm House Oval. Afterwards, the boys enjoyed a delicious sausage sizzle cooked by Mr David Hine, before engaging in a range of activities prepared by Mr Sam Tirrell. One of the many highlights was a game of Over and Under, in which the boys attempted to pass a roll of toilet paper to one another without allowing it to tear.

Afterwards, the boys rugged up and donned their head torches to embark on a night walk around the school grounds, listening to the sounds of nocturnal animals while hoping to spot the notorious White Fox. Although the fox once again eluded the boys, they did spot several bats in the trees and watched with amazement as they circled above them.

By this time, the boys were ready to lie down, eat popcorn and watch a movie before heading to bed for the night. The following morning they tested their strength with a game of tug-of-war.

During the sleepover the boys demonstrated the character strengths of teamwork, perseverance, kindness, gratitude and zest. Every boy displayed wonderful manners toward staff and each other, ensuring everyone had a wonderful time.

Samantha Irvine
Junior School Teacher