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In the final week of Term 3 our boys competed in the highly anticipated annual Years 3 – 6 Athletics Carnival.

This carnival gives every boy the opportunity to participate in every athletic event, showcase what they had been working on during their Physical Education lessons as well as participate in a number of tabloid events.

After all of the events were finished and the points were tallied, The Parkhouse Cup for the Overall Champion House was awarded to the boys in Clayton-Dyer House for an amazing third year in a row. Brooks were second, with Alliston-Jones coming in third and Stokes-Ware fourth.

The individual Age Champions were as follows:

Malcolm Stevenson Cup                    12 year old Champion: Thomas Grosser (Year 6)

Ian Seppelt Cup                                   11 year old Champion: Alexander McClure (Year 6)

Dick Niehuus Cup                               10 year old Champion: Jimmy Hele (Year 4)

Tony Keynes Cup                                 9 year old Champion: Oscar Kleinig (Year 3)

                                                               8 year old Champion: Jordy Brown (Year 3)

The boys from Alliston-Jones were awarded the B.H. Morrison Cup for the Junior Circular Relay (10 year old). Alliston-Jones also won The S.P.S.C. Cup for the Junior Shuttle Relay and the Tim Wall Cup for the Senior Shuttle Relay.

Congratulations to the following boys who were the top three place getters in the Age Championships:

Born 2006
1. Thomas Grosser (Year 6)
2. Joshua Moro (Year 6)
3. George Wicks (Year 6)
Born 2007
1. Alexander McClure (Year 6)
2. Tristan Lowe (Year 6)
3. Charlie Bruce (Year 5)
Born 2008
1. Jimmy Hele (Year 4)
2. Ethan Cross (Year 4)
3. Christian Oberdan (Year 4)
Born 2009
1.  Oscar Kleinig (Year 3)
2.  Leo Dreosti (Year 4)
3.  Thinura Wagaarachchi (Year 4)
Born 2010
1.  Jordy Brown (Year 3)
2.  Callum McLachlan (Year 3)
3.  Sarvin Mahadavan (Year 3)

Thank you the Groundsmen for all the effort that they put in to making sure all of the tracks were marked and the ovals were in great condition for the day. A big thank you must also go to all of the staff in the Junior School, for without their support this event would not be possible.

Finally, I would like to congratulate all boys for their efforts. They all competed well and did their best to make sure that their House had the best possibility of winning.

Jason Cosgrove
Junior School PE and Sports Coordinator