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This term in Science, our Year 3 students have been studying living and non-living things. They have learned a special acronym to help them remember the seven characteristics that make something living, MRS GREN. In Week 3, the students became junior Scientists when they were invited to the Senior School Science laboratory to participate in a lesson led by Senior Biologist Ms Nahla Baroudi. Here, they explored a range of living organisms under a light microscope, which they learned can magnify things up to 400x. Spiders, scorpions, butterflies, and lizards, were all part of the fun. See below for some student highlights from the trip to the labs: 

 “A highlight for me was looking at the ant under the microscope because it was the smallest living thing, but you could see its features so clearly. I also loved wearing the lab coat!” – Jisnu 

“My favourite part was seeing the spider under the microscope because we could see it really big.” – Christian

“I enjoyed looking in the microscope and seeing the spider because it looked so creepy. I also liked how I saw all 8 eyes up closer and very clear.” – Dylon

“The scorpion was my favourite because it had a long tail which was interesting to see close.” – Caleb

“I really liked seeing the moth magnified because it looked furry.” – Jaikrish

A big thank you to Mr Jaldiani and Ms Baroudi for organising this special event for our Year 3 students, and for awarding our boys with a Microscope Licence. We look forward to a visit again in the near future.  

Lisa Zollo
Teacher – Year 3