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The Year 3 HASS showcase, “Digging Up the Past”, was a wonderful opportunity for the Year 3 boys to present their personal inquiry projects to their families and wider school community.

Through the key idea, “History impacts the present”, students explored significant events, people, discoveries, and inventions of the past. They participated in a rich inquiry cycle as they worked with their teachers to select an individual inquiry topic, learnt about developing open and closed questions, discussed how to find information from credible resources and learnt how to research effectively.

The boys also developed important literacy skills including note taking and how to plan, write and draft information reports. They then created visual components that complemented their learning including a wide variety of models, dioramas, infographics, and booklets, incorporating Design and Technology into the project.

We congratulate all boys on their learning through this unit and thank families for their support of this process.

Lucinda Wilson
Year 3 Teacher