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What a wonderful adventure for our 96 Year 5 boys who recently visited Monarto Zoo. Due to the mild weather, all the animals were out and active. At the chimpanzee exhibit, we saw the newest addition to the chimp troop, named Enzi, rolling around the enclosure.

During our safari through the African savannah biome, the curious giraffes stood in the middle of the road, looking into the windscreen of the bus with one even licking the windscreen!

When we visited the rhino enclosure, we had the chance to be rangers and plot the position of the animals to gather data. We also studied real-animal samples to see if we could successfully identify which animal they came from.

This excursion to Monarto Zoo was such a rich experience for the boys and provides a primary resource for them as they gather information for their science research on biomes: adaptations and survival.

Our boys were curious and respectful of the animals’ environment, as well as being thoughtful of our impact on the public visiting the zoo. A rewarding day for all and I am sure that many parents will be considering returning to Monarto Zoo as a family to share the rich experience.

Julie Marshall, Year 5 Teacher.