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On Wednesday 13 March, the Year 5 classes visited Monarto Zoo accompanied by gap student Luke Matthews, class teachers and some helpful parents. This excursion supported our Year 5 Science Unit on Animal and Plant Adaptations and Biomes.

The classes were divided into two bus groups. While bus one took part in a Zoo Explorer activity, the second bus went on a Zoo Safari. The groups then swapped over after lunch.

During Zoo Explorer, the students learnt information about animals from their skat (droppings). They also gained an insight into how animals use their body colouring to act as camouflage in their environment. They observed a family of meerkats and then visited the chimp enclosure where they got to see a three week old female baby and watch a chimp toddler at play.

During the Zoo Safari, the boys went on a tour where they learned about many different types of animals. The bus took them to see both the white and black rhinoceros, African horses, deer, giraffes, zebras, bison, cheetahs and my personal favourite, the lion. A very helpful and knowledgeable guide called Anne discussed each animal breed.

The Monarto Zoo excursion was a fantastic experience and I highly recommend you visit at least once in your lifetime!

Clare Brooking
Junior School Teacher