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Year 5 – A Year in Review

This week, the Year 5 classes have been reflecting on their highlights of what has been an exciting year of learning. From starting the school year online, surfing on the Year 5 camp, visiting the planetarium, 3D printing in STEM, dressing up as historical figures from the Gold Rush era, and making Ooblek in Science – there have been many wonderful opportunities the boys have experienced.

Please enjoy reading some of the highlights as written by students in 5Z.

Year 5 Camp – Frank Maidment

“In Year 5 this year, all the students went on a camping trip to Finniss where we all stayed 3 nights and 4 days in a tent. My tent buddy and I snuck in some lollies and ate them late at night that Miss Zollo still doesn’t know about. On one of the days, we went surfing and we spotted a puffer fish in the water. Another highlight was going on a boat called The Big Duck that went in the air because of the high speed and the massive waves. This was my first ever camp experience and I enjoyed it so much that I never wanted to leave.”

English – Aston Wood

“English was a highlight of Year 5 for me because I love writing narratives and creating stories as I am very imaginative. I like creating mythical creatures and choose your own adventure stories. I also enjoyed doing my poetry anthology booklet because I got to create different poems about the things that interest me. The Character Strengths poem was my favourite because it reminds me of what I am capable of.”

3D Printing – Eric Shah

“What a great way to start the year with 3D printing in Science and Technology. The task was to gather key features from a range of animals to make one animal of your own, you needed at least 5 key features and had to explain how this helped the animal adapt to their environment. After we designed our animal, we went on the wonderful, action packed platform called Makers Empire, where we made the animal before 3D printing a prototype. This took hours to print, in fact only a few people could have their animal printed in one day.”

Why I hate Taxes – Patrick Reeve

“In 5Z, we used a fake bank account called Banqer to help us learn how to save money and how finances work in the real world. We applied for classroom jobs and got paid for it. If we didn’t do our jobs properly, we even got pay cuts. My job was a Pet Pal which meant I had to look after our class stick insects by spraying them with water every day and changing their leaves. Through this app I realised why taxes are not so fun because all your money gets taken. We would earn money for our job and Miss Zollo would take most of it for expenses and taxes.”

Lisa Zollo
Year 5 Teacher