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Over the course of Term 4, Year 6 students have been focussing on migration through three separate lenses: Cause, Challenge and Change. We commenced the unit by inviting guest speakers from a hugely diverse range of backgrounds to share their migration story with the boys. These speakers included Bruce Djite (Adelaide United Star Striker), Manal Younus (Award winning slam poet and human rights activists), Lord Mayor Sandy Verschoor, Dr Sam Shahin (of the Peregrine Corporation and The Bend racetrack) and some representatives from the Australian Migrant Resource Centre. These presentations gave the boys a glimpse into the lives of others and then boys were to choose a story, from either a guest speaker or someone they knew, to study for their final Year 6 project.

The boys produced a summary, map and timeline of their chosen migration story and could display these in any way they liked. They were also required to make an artefact – their artistic interpretation of their chosen story. This is where the boys really shone. No two artefacts were the same and this gave the boys the opportunity to demonstrate their learning in their own unique way.

Hugh Earlam
Year 6 Teacher