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At the end of last year, all Year 7 boys competed in the annual Year 7 rocket-powered car race. The aim was simple: build the fastest car, weighing 200g or more, using concepts taught throughout the year. Aerodynamics, wheels and friction were some of the design issues the boys had to consider. The body of the car was made from a fireproof high-density foam, with a number of limiting dimensions to keep the rocket motor safe.

When the day arrived the safety line was set up; this was a good idea as the rapid acceleration did tend to send some cars in wayward directions. All students behaved in an admirable way, cheering and applauding each car. After a great morning, a winner was chosen based on speed, design and pit scoring.

An honourable mention goes to Lahkai Councillor, Scott Taat and Vikesh Shrestha for obtaining a Saints record with the fastest car at 161km/hr. Unfortunately, their design was a little unstable and their wheels exploded during the race due to the high speed of their vehicle.

The winning team consisted of Derek Yang, Xander Grice and Luca Paull. They achieved a top speed of 145km/hr and a running score of 117.015.

We congratulate all the boys on their fantastic cars and look forward to this year’s race. Will the current Year 7 cohort be able to break the new record?

John Wright, Middle Years Science Coordinator