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On Tuesday 2 May, students from three Year 8 Chinese classes attended the Dragon Boat Racing Excursion. The first opportunity for this excursion was to learn how to paddle on a dragon boat and compete with other teams which included classmates as well as other students from Westminster and Pulteney Grammar. The second opportunity was to attend a banquet meal at the restaurant called Kingdom Chinese Restaurant. The last opportunity was to have a relaxing end to the day walking around Chinatown. 

The day started at 9.20am. The students went on the bus arriving at West Lakes at approximately 10am. Shortly after, the students split into groups and were given safety rules on what to do in the water. They also learnt the technique on how to paddle. Next, the students got into their dragon boats and started forming a good rhythm with their groups. They also learnt several other techniques such as making the boat stop, increasing the speed of the boat, and reversing the boat. Though some students say it was physically exhausting, all overcame these mental challenges and competed in three races. Team 2 performed extremely well. Then, the students had to get back onto the bus to attend the banquet for lunch. 

The bus arrived around about 1pm at Kingdom Chinese Restaurant. The students went into the restaurant choosing their table. Many had the opportunity to sit with students from Westminster and Pulteney Grammar. The dishes that were served to each table were roast duck, sweet and sour pork, fried chicken, fried rice, stir fried beef and steamed vegetables. Some students thought that the dishes were so extravagant that the dishes were charged under price. Each table was full of friendly conversations, the students from our school got along with each other smoothly.  

After lunch, the teachers decided that the students would have one hour to walk around Chinatown to end the busy day. The students were full of excitement as they walked across the road. They wandered around Chinatown exploring the rich culture looking at other restaurants. Most of the students purchased bubble tea at the local Cha-Time. However, as the hour went by, the boys walked back to the outside Kingdom Chinese Restaurant at 2.50pm waiting for the bus. The students thoroughly enjoyed their cultural experience commenting on the day. 

Charles and Raghu
Year 8 Students