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On Wednesday afternoon of Week 10, the Year 8 cohort engaged in a collective service activity to clean-up our local community. In Mentor groups, students, along with their Mentor teachers and teacher volunteers, visited various neighbouring parklands, including Botanic Park, Bundey’s Paddock, St Peter’s Billabong and Twelftree Reserve.  

As part of the Year 8 pastoral program in Term 3, students have learnt about recycling and sustainability. Unfortunately, Australia is one of the highest producers of waste per person in the western world. With collective assistance, we can make a great contribution towards reducing waste. Today’s activity gave students the opportunity to take action by actively reducing waste in the community. The clean-up introduced students to the various service opportunities offered at the school, helping the Year 8 students to give back to others. The activity also taught students about the need to care for our environment.  

Thank you to all staff and students involved in our successful clean-up afternoon. 

Nia O’Loughlin
Acting Year Level Coordinator – Year 8