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Students in Years 9 to 11 will receive their exam schedule by email this week. Exams run according to the outline below.  

  • Thursday 2November (Week 7) is a study day for Year 11 (students remain at home or in the Boarding House 
  • Year 11 exams commence on Friday of Week 7 (29 November 2019)
  • Years 9 and 10 exams commence on Monday of Week 8 (1 December 2019)
  • All exams will be completed by the end of Thursday in Week 8 (December 2019) 
  • Year 7-11 Speech Day is on Friday 6 December 

Revision support
Teachers are aware Year 9 students may be facing their first ever exams. They offer additional help to prepare them, including outlines of content as well as question style. Additionally, the Diverse Learning Needs team offer the following Revision Wiki, which supports students in building effective study habits. 

Students are not required to attend school when they do not have an exam. If they wish to study at school, Year 11 students may use the Miller Library. For Year 9 and 10 students, a dedicated classroom in the middle level of the Gordon Building will also be set aside for each year level. 

Full summer school uniform must be worn whenever boys attend school during the exam period, including if they come to meet with a teacher for revision. 

Exam results will be made available via Keystone, by midday on Monday 9 December.  

Individual requests for an alternative exam time
If the nature of the exam offers no possibility for collusion (e.g. it is practical or oral) the opportunity may be provided to complete the exam before or after the scheduled time. This will be left to the discretion of the Head of Faculty. 

For written exams, a student who is unable to sit a paper on the scheduled date, may request a copy of the paper after the exam is completed by his cohort. The student can sit the paper in his own time and return it to his teacher for marking. Completing the exam as practice means a student does not miss the significant learning opportunity and will still gain the indication of his achievement in the subject. Note, in this situation the exam result will not be used for formal assessment, nor will it be uploaded to Keystone.   

For queries
Please contact the Learning and Teaching Centre (08 8404 0433) if you have any general enquiries about exams. Otherwise, please direct subject-specific exam queries to your son’s relevant teacher. 

Sam Cheesman
Director of Studies