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The Subs in Schools State finals were held last week with the participating students doing an outstanding job representing St Peter’s College and were thrilled to take part in the many areas of competition. The opportunity for our students to present their work in front of industry professionals was invaluable for them and has prepared the boys for future endeavours where they will be subjected to similar panels.

On Wednesday, the ‘Sea Trials’ component of the competition were held. Both of our teams showed perseverance while working on the function of their watercraft. The teams kept working diligently throughout the competition despite technical difficulties, and they scored points for the function and manoeuvrability of their ROV’s. The water trials provided a great opportunity for the teams to work on their problem solving, cooperation and higher order thinking to achieve the target result for the competition.

On Thursday and Friday, the participants verbally presented their work to a panel of judges in three areas, Engineering, Trade display and Enterprise. At the conclusion of the event, St Peter’s College team, Blue Whales, were awarded Best Engineered, Best Manufactured, and third place overall; a great result as a junior team competing against more experienced and older competition. Invitations to the National Finals will be sent out in the coming weeks with the Blue Whales hopeful to compete again at a national level.

Congratulations to all the students involved and thank you for your hard work and commitment to the program which required you to go above and beyond typical subject requirements.

Damien Thamm
Technology teacher