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The School’s valedictory celebrations culminated in our 174th Speech Day Ceremony held on Friday 22 October in Memorial Hall. Old scholar and Chief Executive Officer of the AFL, Gillon McLachlan (W&A 1990) joined us virtually to deliver an inspiring Speech Day Address and SPOC Chairman, Oliver Sheahan (HWK 2007) officially welcomed the Class of 2021 as old scholars with the presentation of an old scholar tie.

The Ceremony provides the opportunity to recognise and celebrate the achievements of each graduating student. Additionally we acknowledge the following prize recipients:

A Grenfell Price Prize for Geography Joshua Watson
AB (Sailor) Webb Prize for Material Solutions (Senior) Archie Jackson
Andrew Wells Legal Prize for Legal Studies Alexander Rouss
Australian Defence Force Future Innovators Award Sachin Ravindran
Australian Defence Force Long Tan Leadership and Teamwork Award Henry Hawker
Bruce Coulter Medal for Outstanding Leadership Sam Jackson
Bruce Richards Memorial Prize for Service Jeremy Beale
Charles Gillham Memorial Prize for Physics (IB) Eric You
Charles Gillham Memorial Prize for Physics (SACE) Sachin Ravindran
Chris McGovern Memorial Prize for History Jonathan Davies
DE Genders Prize for English (IB) Charles Lewis
Detlef Kirsten Memorial IB Prize for Academic Excellence Eric You
DJ Lee Prize for Accounting Cooper McDonald
Dr James Robert William Rehn Music Medal Eton Wiliams
EB Hughes Prize for Art Archie Jackson
FJ & HV Thwaites Memorial Prize for Music Jules Sheedy
George Melrose Prize for Drama Wilbur Glaetzer
HH Marten Prize for History (IB) Charles Lewis
HL Cotton Prize for Economics Alexander Rouss
J Carlile McDonnell Prize for English William Nitschke
JAT Mortlock Prize for English Literary Studies Aidan Hughes
JS Thomson Prize for Chemistry (IB) Xian Huang
LAG Symons Prize for Mathematics (IB) Xian Huang
Leonard & Douglas Grummet Prize for Service Yash Patil
M & M Lebbon Prize for Business and Enterprise Alistair Sarah
MR Freney Prize for Chemistry Anthony Pham
Old Collegians Ancient Studies Prize Orson Stawiarski
Old Collegians Art Design Prize Nicholas Burr
Old Collegians Biology Prize (IB) William Subramaniam
Old Collegians Business Management Prize (IB) Noah Pitkin
Old Collegians Chinese B Prize (IB) Zihao Wu
Old Collegians Digital Technologies Prize Austin Hushen
Old Collegians Economics Prize (IB) Eric You
Old Collegians English as an Additional Language Prize (SACE) Wei Hang Khoo
Old Collegians English B Prize (IB) Xian Huang
Old Collegians French B Prize (IB) William Subramaniam
Old Collegians General Mathematics Prize Nivranshu Irkulla
Old Collegians German B Prize (IB) Eric You
Old Collegians Health and Wellbeing Prize Thomas Albertini
Old Collegians Legal Studies Prize Alec Padfield
Old Collegians Mathematical Methods Prize Anthony Pham
Old Collegians Physical Education Prize Stefan Kudra
Old Collegians Spanish ab initio (IB) Charles Lewis
PG Osborn Prize for the Performing Arts Lianos Karapetis
Phil Grummet Drama Performance Prize Alexander Karytinos
College Prize for Chemistry Thomas Hosking
RR Stuckey Prize for Mathematics (IB) Zihao Wu
RR Stuckey Prize for Mathematics (SACE) Sachin Ravindran
Toc H Community Service Award Xian Huang
WH Irwin Prize for History Jonathan Davies
WH Selway Prize for Biology Sebastian Lockie