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Our School year concluded today with our 174th Years 7 to 11 Speech Day in Memorial Hall. In was an honour to have Mr Michael Gilmore, who is leaving the School after 37 years, deliver our Speech Day Address. In his Address he emphasised the importance of community and looking after each other and our environment. Thank you Mr Gilmore for your dedicated contributions in what has been a truly remarkable career at SPSC.

It was a special and fitting ceremony to conclude a fantastic year and we congratulate the following award recipients:

Year 7 Prize Recipients

Academic Excellence Prize Shaarav Reddy
Academic Excellence Prize Thomas Teh
Chinese Language and Literature Prize Tianling Guo
Chinese Prize Adam Lee
English as an Additional Language Prize JiaCheng Bi
English Prize Adam Lee
French Prize Shaarav Reddy
Geography Prize Lochlan McKenna
German Prize Jinhua Liu
Henry Ayers Scholarship – Academic Ability John Lucas
History Prize Thomas Teh
Mathematics Prize Devansh Singhal
Physical Education Prize Henry Darcey
Religious and Values Education Prize Joshua Joshi
Science Prize Jinhua Liu

Year 8 Prize Recipients

Academic Excellence Prize Lachlan Siow
Academic Excellence Prize Ishaan Chaudhuri
Academic Progress Prize Ansen Li
Academic Progress Prize Lachlan Estcourt Hughes
Bickersteth Prize for Religious and Values Education Yash Bhattacharjya
Chinese Prize Lachlan Siow
English as an Additional Language Prize Wei Hong Khoo
English Prize Jack Pilay
French Prize Alexander Piscioneri
Geography Prize Lachlan Siow
German Prize Krish Raju
History Prize Lachlan Siow
Mathematics Prize Lachlan Siow
Physical Education Prize James Corbin
Science Prize Nemindu Athukorala

Year 9 Prize Recipients

Academic Excellence Prize Siyu Cai
Academic Excellence Prize Alexander Koh
Academic Progress Prize Yitong Liu
Academic Progress Prize Alan Lu
Alastair Wood Prize in Mathematics Siyu Cai
Art Prize James Stockman
Bickersteth Prize Religious and Values Education Arki Galantomos
Chinese Prize Alexander Koh
Design and Technology – Integrated Systems Prize Haseef Emad
Digital Technologies Prize David Taylor
English as an Additional Language Prize Jia Ling
English Prize Haseef Emad
French Prize Siyu Cai
Geography Prize Jack Hawkes
German Prize Jacob Sweet
History Prize Arki Galantomos
Physical Education Prize Bailey Kerr
Science Prize Siyu Cai

Year 10 Prize Recipients

AB (Sailor) Webb Prize for Material Solutions (Junior) Charlie Raff
Academic Excellence Prize Darren Nguyen
Academic Excellence Prize Gunin Singhal
Academic Progress Prize Oliver Linke
Academic Progress Prize Coell Williams
Australian Defence Force Future Innovators Award Darren Nguyen
Australian Defence Force Long Tan Leadership and Teamwork Award Harry Bruce
Biology Prize Darren Nguyen
Bishop Kennion Prize for Religious and Values Education James Hattingh
Cameron Wilson Scholarship Prize for Physics Gunin Singhal
Chinese Prize Kevin He
Design and Technology – Integrated Systems Prize Wyl Godfrey
Digital Technologies Prize Guanhong Peng
Drama Prize Jude Gale
EB Hughes Prize for Art Thomas Edwardes
English as an Additional Language Prize Yi Xu
French Prize Yuhui Jian
General Mathematics Prize Bailey Matters
Geography Prize Yi Xu
German Prize Louis Drew
Jose Scholarship Jonathan Harris
May Scholarship Prize for Chemistry Darren Nguyen
McDonald Scholarship for English Gunin Singhal
McDonald Scholarship for Mathematics Darren Nguyen
Music Prize Guanhong Peng
Physical Education Prize Harry Bruce
RE Cameron Memorial Bursary Ian Irwin
Rex J Lipman Writing Award Darren Nguyen
RH Jenkin Scholarship Darren Nguyen
Short Scholarship Gunin Singhal
Sir Edwin Smith Prize for History Gunin Singhal
Year 11 Health Science Prize Bryan Wang

Year 11 Prize Recipients

2021 Muriel Matters Award Andrzej Czechowicz
AEH Evans Memorial Prize for Music Nicholas Bowes
Allen Scholarship Prize for History Branson Inns
Art Design Prize Maximillian Jongebloed
Art Prize Nicholas Andreyev
Bowman Scholarship for Biology Aidan Hua
Bowman Scholarship Prize for Geography Patrick Rodgers
Bowman Scholarship Prize for Physics Luca Paull
Business Innovation Hugo Gibson
Chemistry Prize (IB) Alexander Grice
Christchurch Scholarship Alexander Grice
Denton Scholarship for Economics Rajiv Paranavithana
Drama Prize Rajiv Paranavithana
English as an Additional Language Prize Yu Xuan Tang
FM Suckling Prize for English Nicholas Koh
GA Polkinghorne Prize for Mathematics (SACE) Nicholas Koh
General Mathematics Prize Louis Tolley
GH Farr Studies in Religion Prize Zaid Musa
Integrated Learning Prize (Stage 2) Casey Van Heuven
J Farrent Prize for Mathematics Alexander Grice
LAR Evans Scholarship for Accounting Christos Angelopoulos
Legal Studies Prize Christos Angelopoulos
Material Solutions Prize Joshua Bested
Nigel Craddock Memorial Prize for Service James Ritossa
Old Collegians Music Prize (IB) Charles Wells
Physical Education Prize Fergus Carruthers
Prankerd Scholarship Prize for German Alexander Grice
Psychology Prize (IB) Ethan Leo
Richard Oertel Memorial Prize in Mathematics Alexander Grice
Service Learning Medal Daniel Jesudason
Sinclair Trust Prize for Entrepreneurship and Initiative Nathan Choi
Sir Edwin Smith Prize for History Tan Vo
Spanish ab initio Prize (IB) Charles Wells
Sport, Exercise and Health Science Prize (anticipated) Dante Farinola
The George Foote Prize for Digital Technologies Ruscoe Robertson
TJS O’Halloran Scholarship Nicholas Koh
Wainwright Scholarship Prize for Chemistry Daniel Jesudason
Westminster Scholarship Prize for English (IB) Charles Wells
Wyatt Scholarship Prize for Mathematics Lai-Yin Lam