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Louis Brook (Year 9) and I recently took part in the Youth Coastal Ambassadors program called ‘Sea Life’ which was run by Green Adelaide during the Term 2 break. Over two days, we explored the significance of marine life along the south coast and the strong link to Aboriginal culture. It was an excellent chance to learn more about Aboriginal people’s oceanic traditions and beliefs.

Under knowledgeable speakers, locals, and Indigenous elders, we were involved in an event that accepted 23 other young scholars that all had one vision: to look after our environment. Their teachings highlighted the exquisite bond between the Aboriginal people and the South Australian waters. A vital aspect highlighted during the event was the ongoing challenges faced by Aboriginal communities in preserving their cultural practices and maintaining a healthy marine environment.

Issues such as overfishing, pollution, and the impacts of climate change were discussed, underscoring the urgent need for collaboration and support from wider society to protect both the cultural heritage and the marine ecosystems.

Overall, it was a privilege to be part of the two-day event sponsored by Green Adelaide. It offered a profound insight into the significance of sea life to Aboriginal peoples in Adelaide. Louis and I left the event with a heightened sense of responsibility to advocate for the preservation of Aboriginal cultural heritage, the protection of marine ecosystems, and a renewed commitment to forging meaningful connections with Indigenous communities.

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Ethan Chen
Year 9 Student