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On the weekend of 11-12 September (Term 3, week 8) Youth@Saints embarked on our annual weekend away at the Finniss Campsite to explore the Big Question: What is the Meaning of Life? 27 students and 10 leaders came along to enjoy a weekend of games, friendship, time with God, and – importantly – delicious camp food! This is our second Youth@Saints trip, a revamp of the traditional Confirmation Camp which St Peters College has run for many years.

A bus ride from St Peters College and a delicious lunch cooked by our lovely chefs, Karen and Richard Petterson and Ms Emily Lewis, kicked off the weekend. We discussed the origins of the world in our first small group session, and then launched into an afternoon of activities, rotating between kayaking, mountain biking and board games. At any given moment, there were impromptu games of footy, netball, dodgeball and frisbee to be found all over the campsite! In the evening, we talked about how to know the difference between right and wrong while roasting marshmallows on the campfire.

On Sunday, the early risers came along for a beautiful morning walk before a big BBQ cook-up for breakfast. We enjoyed another session and small group time, where we talked through what happens when we die, before we embarked on the Mystery of the Enduring Quest of the True Meaning of Life… a wide game that involved capture the flag, a scavenger hunt and raft building – all in the pouring rain! After thawing out with a mug of hot chocolate, we packed up the campsite and had one final session with our groups before a very sleepy bus ride back to town.

Youth@Saints runs every Friday night during the school term, welcoming boys and girls from all backgrounds in Years 7 to 12. We talk about Jesus, we eat snacks, and we play heaps games – but most of all we see new friendships built and memories made! All are welcome to visit, we would love to see you there! The Term 4 Program is attached below, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email

God bless, the Youth@Saints team

Rev Ben Bleby
Associate Chaplain