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Mr Zac Savage joined St Peter’s College at the beginning of Term 3 as Deputy Head of Senior School (Students). Now he’s been with us for almost a semester, we thought it timely to find out a bit more about him, his role at the School and what he enjoys outside of work.

Question: In your words, what is your role at St Peter’s College?

Zac Savage: My role is to support students and families to have a positive and rewarding experience at St Peter’s College. I work closely with the Heads of House and other leaders in the School with the purpose of providing an environment in which boys unlock their strengths and develop all aspects of their character. I am fortunate to work in this position and am enjoying learning about our School and developing relationships with members of our community.

Question: Tell us about your journey in the education sector.

Zac Savage: I have valued working in the education sector for approximately twenty-five years. As a school student, I aspired to work in schools. I admired my teachers and the relationships they built with students and the broader community. I began my career with one year teaching in China and another year in Slovenia. I then returned to Australia to work in the Anangu Yankunytjatjara Pitjantjatjara Lands. After several years in state schools, I have been fortunate to enjoy roles in the independent system for the last eight years. I am very grateful to be working at St Peter’s College.

Question: What virtue(s) do you admire most in people?

Zac Savage: The virtue I admire most in people is kindness. By being good and charitable in one’s behaviour, we can support and help others. Love thy neighbour is a theme that Reverend Ben has spoken to staff about recently, and I believe the virtue of kindness helps us to live by this tenet.

Question: What do you do in your free time to recharge and relax?

Zac Savage: Much of my time away from St Peter’s College is spent with my family. I have three children so there is always something happening in their lives to keep me occupied. My wife and I are keen runners and enjoy training with our club and entering some fun runs. Reading and coffee are also high on the list when time allows.

Question: What is on your bucket list?

Zac Savage: My wife and I are very keen to run the Boston and New York Marathons. Perhaps, with international travel starting to open we can get there one day!