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As a school we take pride in our people and our culture. We take pride in supporting our boys to discover and develop their passions, their talents and their true strength of character. Whilst it is difficult to quantify progress in these areas, a system has been developed whereby student effort is measured and tracked on an ongoing basis. The measurement of one’s effort is aligned to the School’s values of truth, respect and service.

These effort grades evolved from an existing system of measuring learning habits whereby teachers provided feedback on a student’s accountability, cooperation and engagement in the classroom. To quantify effort in a numerical form our five-tiered academic grading system was replicated with a three awarded for standard effort and a five, for significantly above standard effort. When determining a student’s effort grade, consideration is given to factors including their involvement in class discussions, completion of their homework, assisting other students and extending themselves.

With every teacher recording an effort grade out of five for each student across all subjects, every five weeks, we now have a wealth of data that is helping us develop a greater understanding of our students.

Students who recorded an effort grade average above 4.25 were invited to join me for morning tea in Da Costa Dining Hall last week. I congratulate these boys and encourage all students to focus on the effort they commit to their learning. I look forward to hosting a range of students for morning tea across the year.

The School was a sea of red, white and blue on Tuesday as our Junior School students celebrated Bastille Day. Having learnt about French culture in lessons, students ‘marched’ down The Avenues singing traditional French songs with gusto before storming Da Costa Dining Hall. The boys enjoyed delicious French treats before appreciating a range of recitals including Year 3 student Kaeshav Ragasekaran’s incredible performance of ‘The French Song.’

Congratulations to our Year 6 students for hosting a successful Anglican Charities Day last Friday. Over $4,400 was raised through the creation of businesses that entertained Reception to Year 5 students. It was wonderful to see so many budding entrepreneurs in action and to witness the kindness and patience with which Year 6 students served their customers, particularly their youngest Reception customers.

The Generations in Jazz Festival, an annual highlight in the School’s calendar, returned this year after a two-year hiatus. Congratulations to the following ensembles and students who placed in their various divisions; Charlie Wells (Year 12), Johnny Turner (Year 10), Vaughan Galloway (Year 10), Andrew Xu (Year 9), Lochie Siow (Year 9), Big Band, Stage Band, Jazz Band, Small Jazz Vocal Ensemble and Large Jazz Vocal Ensemble. A full list of achievements can be viewed here.

Congratulations to the following students who will represent the state in national championships over the coming months:

Football: Year 12 students Billy Dowling and Max Blacker are currently representing SA in the Under 18 State Football Team, while Luke Harvey (Year 12) is in the Squad; Jett Hasting (Year 10) will play for SA in the Under 16 State Football Team and Year 9 students Jack Hayter and Jeff Rozenbilds the Under 15 State Football Team.

Hockey: Year 10 students Bryce Hammond and Rhun Williams and Coell Williams (Year 11) will play for SA in the 16 years and under Hockey Team.

Rugby: Lachlan Bell (Year 11) and Jake Richardson (Year 10) have been selected as reserves for the U16 State Rugby team.

Swimming: Max Hewitt (Year 8) will represent SA in the Under 13/14 competition, Alden Au (Year 8) the Under 13/14 competition and Lachlan Bell (Year 11) the Under 15/16 competition.

Tennis: Jude Gale (Year 11) will represent the state in the 18 year and under Tennis Championships to be played in Hobart in August.

I commend these students for continuing to look beyond the horizon of St Peter’s College and our state as they strive to perform on the national stage.

As we approach the mid-year break, I thank all families for your support of the School in what has been a busy Semester. I wish you and your family a restful break.

Tim Browning